On the larger side as frigates go, the Echestratus is actually very lightly armed for its size. Most of its

bulk is in the additional fuel reserves that allow it to lead operations behind enemy lines. While it has

the necessary volume of firepower for hit and run missile attacks, it has a very limited magazine, and

will exhaust itself uncharacteristically quickly for a ship of its size. As it lacks capital-scale weaponry,

once the missiles are exhausted, it is no longer a direct threat to most installations. However, while

it lacks significant durable firepower, it has excellent and abundant sensors, high acceleration curves,

solid heat management, and excellent PD and anti-interceptor armaments. It is more than equipped

to handily thrash any unwary system patrol it encounters. It is not uncommon to find an Echestratus

lurking in the outer regions of a system either about to be attacked, or that the Aera wish to make

appear as if it will be attacked.

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