This is a vessel generally operated by Bzbr, doing somewhat dangerous work. It should look somewhat

less expensive/valuable than other Aeran craft without looking shameful – it’s an economy car, not a

jalopy (so to speak). It needs to do edge-of-atmosphere operations, but edge of gas giant, not terrestrial

planets. It shouldn’t be a remarkably large vessel (not in the bulk cargo range) but gas takes up a lot

of space - there’ll be external tanks the gas will be going into that will be very large, surrounding a

much smaller actual basic craft. It will be unarmed and mostly unarmored, but sturdily designed to

deal with the environments it needs to go in/near. There should be some logical way for the gasses

that have been gathered to be extracted post-facto.

ship size:

basic shape & rhythm:

textures & paneling:


colors & factions:

modular pieces:

weapons and armor:



power/ reactors:

functionality/ role:

utilities, arms grabbers, etc:

lighting, how well lit is the ship:

command center:

crew size:

cargo space:

range capability:


docking/ interactions:

common maneuvers/tactics:

civilian or military:

significant technologies description: