Sort of the Aeran version of the Andolian Spaceborn’s MacGyver – or the spaceship version of that

guy with the utility belt who comes and repairs your roof when it leaks. This is a small vessel designed

to be deployed in swarms around larger vessels to preform external repairs and maintenance. Strictly

low acceleration, very dainty by Aeran standards of construction, will have armatures for handling

welding, etc. and tools/replacement parts on the same order of magnitude as its own craft.

ship size:

basic shape & rhythm:

textures & paneling:


colors & factions:

modular pieces:

weapons and armor:



power/ reactors:

functionality/ role:

utilities, arms grabbers, etc:

lighting, how well lit is the ship:

command center:

crew size:

cargo space:

range capability:


docking/ interactions:

common maneuvers/tactics:

civilian or military:

significant technologies description: